We do uh-lot

Where are you on the internet?

Let's begin by guiding lost souls who came here accidently by providing them a link back to Google:

Alright! Now that you have proved that you are my kind of person, you may read what my website is all about.

About the Website

I'll try to keep this short:

This Website is a hub for all the services that MikeDesign offers, so you can find em' all in one place.

And also some other random stuff that i thought that maybe perhaps would be of use for some people.

I will list what you will find in every category on this Website:

Home: I think you're already informed

Programs: This is where i share all the programs i use and/or recommend, most of the time they're free.

Webshop: Ah yes, the goldmine! If anyone was interested in my products that is. You can hire me to Design/Create something for you there, and you'll also find my Merchandise Webshop in there. (With Merch from multiple creators!)

MikeMovies: A seperate site on which i list all the series and movies created by me or my partners with detailed info.

Work For Us: The page where you can find things to do if you want to support MikeDesign, by slaver- working!

Premium: You can purchase the MikeDesign Premium here, which will give you shiny rewards in return.

Help!!!!1!2!!: Need help with anything? Ask here!

Credits: Well, ya think i did all this myself? Nope! Collaboration is the key, so i honor my companions in that category.

About ''MikeDesign''

My name is, well, Mike. This whole story began back in 2016, when a lil' lad created a YouTube channel under the name of ''het randomheidskanaal''. 

(It's a Dutch name, i actually originate from the Netherlands. Alot of the services i offer are in the Dutch language, but i still made the Website itself English-based so everyone can ''enjoy'' it. I'm assuming most Dutchies can read English)

After a while, i chose to rename my channel to ''MikeDesign''. It was the name of a video-series i had going, in which i made Designs for people; after a while i just made the decision to make it the complete identity of my channel.

And by having that channel, my love for creating media only grew and grew. So i make lots'a media stufferino now.

The logo of my channel has always been a ?, right from the start. Why you ask? Well, even back then i had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA AT ALL. What i wanted, to create, do, ANY-FLIPPIN-THING. I'm my own worst enemy.

So what did i choose to do? Did i stick to just designing? 
Nah, as my just-now-made-up slogan reads:

We do uh-lot


Projects i've done / am working on!


Original Movies

Translated Series

Original Web Series

Texture Packs


Discord Servers

Minecraft Servers





Serpentgameplay sjizzle



Texture Pack

Cavia Stream Dono Alerts

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